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The Spartans lived by a set of virtues a.k.a. "Rhetra". This is the Safina version:

A    Andreía <> Courage

B    Briaros <> Strength

C    Charis <> Forgiveness

D    Dikaios <> Justice

E    Eros <> Love

F    Filía <> Friendship

G    Gnosis <> Awareness

H    Hexis <> Habit

I     Ikaros <> Humility 

H    Horoi <> Boundaries

I     Iaso <> Rest

J    Jason <> Leadership

K    Kalos Kagathos <> Gentleman

L    Logos <> Reasoning

N    Nootropía <> Mindset

M    Melete <> Meditate

O    Oikos <> Family

P    Phronesis <> Wisdom

R    Rheos <> Flow

S    Sophron <> Discipline

T    Timḗ <> Honor

U    Ulaios <> Nature

X    Xeros <> Athlete's Diet

Y    Ypsilon <> Simple & Pure

Z    Zēlos <> Dedication

*Q, V, W does not exist in the ancient greek language, and have therefore been excluded.

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