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#39 Anahata Ananda - Spiritual Poison


Founder and owner of @shinesedona, Anahata is a master at core healing, personal growth & soul expansion. She is a teacher of healers: shamangelic Training. In addition she is a shamangelic breath work facilitator and she is the host of Shamangelic Podcast. The most significant topic we discuss is plant medicines, when they become a poison and a list to check of before going into any ceremony. Other topics include intuition, integrity, rooting into this reality and not living in the ethers, among many more that you can find in the timestamps.

Anahata Ananda is a dedicated spiritual guide and healer who aids individuals on their awakening journeys. She emphasizes the importance of moving beyond one's comfort zone to connect with the spirit realm and the wisdom of nature, including animals, mountains, lightning, and crystals. Anahata believes in the transformative power of opening channels like the third eye and the crown chakra, which involve the pineal and pituitary glands, to access support and guidance from various spiritual allies. Her mission is to help others navigate the often challenging and confusing human experience by tapping into these resources for strength, encouragement, and inspiration. Anahata’s approach is grounded in the understanding that we are not alone and that abundant support is available to us, if we remain open to receiving it.

Anahata’s gifts to you:
⚡️ FREE Guided Visualization for healing & connecting with the Inner Child -

Anahata’s July Immersion Retreat:
⚡️ 14-Day Shamangelic Healing Modalities & Breathwork Facilitator Training Immersion

1. Finding Healing in Laughter and Spiritual Connection with Anahata Ananda
2. Embracing Intuition and Integrity on the Spiritual Path with Anahata Ananda
3. Breathwork, Cold Water, and the Power of Laughter in Healing
4. The Journey of Inner Child Healing and Spiritual Awakening with Anahata Ananda
5. Navigating Grief and Trauma Through Laughter and Spiritual Guidance
6. Spiritual Growth and Practical Challenges: Insights from Anahata Ananda
7. Finding Balance Between Spirituality and Daily Responsibilities with Anahata Ananda
8. Exploring the Medicine Wheel's Wisdom for Action, Play, Healing, and Perspective
9. Integrating Spiritual Experiences into Everyday Life: Lessons from Anahata Ananda
10. Soul Callings and Inner Listening: Anahata Ananda's Guidance on Personal Growth

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