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Elevate your performance

Open your heart 

Transform your consciousness

Profound, inspirational, heartfelt and wild stories from leaders, athletes, healers, musicians, change makers, who are out on the fringes, in uncharted territories of the possibilities of she, humankind, the psyche, the body, and the spirit. These masters of their trait share about their lessons learned, routines, mindset, spirituality, psychedelics, love, fitness, nutrition, bio-hacking, philosophy and entrepreneurship. 



"Fantastic podcast!
"This podcast has really helped me transform into a better person. Not only does the guests and Sebastian help explain how to do it, but why we need to do it as well. Engaging stories and conversations. Worth a listen. I highly recommend!"
- jomacamoe

Stefanos Sifandos

Helping you heal unresolved trauma & childhood wounds. 

Doniga Markegard

Author of Dawn Again and Wolf Girl. Regenerative Rancher.

Aaron Alexander

Host: Align Podcast
Author: The Align Method


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⚡️Spiritual Athlete & Start Up Leader

⚡️Ex Strength & CrossFit Coach

⚡️College Football Player

⚡️Hip Hop, EDM & Spiritual Music Lover

⚡️Devoted Father & Husband

⚡️MBA, Strategic Leadership

⚡️Athletic Philosophy Post Grad Research

A life filled with manic focus on high performance: from college football, strength coaching, to cybersecurity sales. Always zeroing in on outworking everyone. Combined with two decades of personal growth & spiritual work, philosophy and leadership studies, bio-hacking, heavy weights and masterminds. I found an edge. Money, titles and success came quick, but the ego came with… 


Death brought realizations… my mentor committed suicide. A family member died. This is what it took for me to snap out of a deranged reality, that my performance was everything, even more important than my wife (Sofia) and daughter (Athena). 


Stillness, vulnerability and community brought me back. Integrity set me straight. Honor aligned me to live for something greater than myself and give back. This is why the podcast exists. 


How did you overcome your toughest challenge in life?
The worlds largest video library of people sharing.
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